School References at St Margaret’s


A number of local church schools have a church reference as a key part of their admissions criteria.  Please make sure that you have read the criteria of the school of your choice carefully.  Some schools have strict criteria that require parents to attend church at least fortnightly for a period of three years before the application is made.

As a church we are required to ensure that the signing of references is fair and accurate.  To establish your families’ attendance we will primarily use the registers from Junior Church.  If for some reason your child is not able to attend Junior Church you will need to sign our ‘Attendance Book’ at the back of church each time you visit.

If you are hoping for a reference from St Margaret’s you will need to:

Ensure that you attend regularly enough to fulfil the criteria of your chosen school.
Ensure that your children attend Junior Church and
Sign the attendance book at the back of church each time you come to worship.

If you have any further questions about our approach to school references or want to talk further about any aspect of your child’s spiritual development please do not hesitate to be in touch in the usual ways.