St Margaret's is currently in an Interregnum



An interregnum means the period of time that a church is without an incumbent or Rector. 

In the absence of a Rector, the running of the parish falls to the churchwardens, Sally Bowes and Jen Smith - and the Area Dean, Rev. Martin Colton of St Marks, Reigate. 

The churchwardens are on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) which continues to meet bi-monthly under the leadership of vice-chair, Chris Taylor.  (The Chair is normally the Rector.) 

At the moment, we will continue with our existing patterns and times of services mainly led by our trained lay Readers  Andrew and Madeleine, our Hon. Curate John Wates and volunteers.    We are also grateful to our archdeacon for her support and other churches who occasionally help us out on Sunday mornings with Holy Communion. 

We will continue with baptisms and funerals and most weddings will be taken by a curate from Christchurch Purley, Rev. Lisa Fairman-Brown.   

An interregnum is not a period for ‘marking time’ or ‘keeping the show ticking over’.  It is often a growth period for churches as volunteers with previously unreleased gifts and talents come forward from the congregation. 

What we’re trying to say is - it’s business as usual! 


Jen Smith & Sally Bowes 
Church Wardens