Chipstead Village Covid19-Support Group

Can you help?

In these days of lockdown and furloughing, there are an increasing number of people needing help.

For those in need, the Chipstead Covid-19 Support Group is setting up a Foodbank Collection point in the Rugby Club

Every Thursday, until further notice, the Rugby Club will be open from 1100 to 1300 to receive donations. These will be passed to Reigate & Bansted Borough Council for distribution within the Borough.

What is wanted? Understandably, food is the main focus, but it must be non-perishable: e.g. tins, jars, dry goods, microwave meals etc. Non food items would also be welcome, such as sanitary products, shampoo, toilet rolls, washing powder, shower gel and hand soap.

No matter how small, your help would really be appreciated. So, when you are doing your weekly shop, please add one or two extra items and bring them to the Rugby Club on a Thursday.

Together we can help those in need. 

Deborah Mathews, 02/05/2020