Open Doors during Lockdown 

Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide.  They supply Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services.  They mobilise the church in the UK and Ireland to serve Christian living under religious persecution.
Just as many in the UK are struggling with the knock-on effect of lockdown – lack for work, lack of income, greater hardship and increased poverty – so our Christian brothers and sisters around the world are suffering too.
Their faith puts them at the bottom of the social ladder in many countries, unable to work, ineligible for support and excluded from food supplies unless they renounce their faith.  Many have absolutely no income and no means of feeding their families.  Secret believers are enclosed with families during Ramadan, isolated and at threat of discovery, rejection and extreme violence.
Open DoorsOpen Doors’ support has been literally lifesaving in these situations.  In India, despite the lockdown, Open Doors partners are able to distribute food to those who’ve been sidelined from aid because they are Christians.  Arun* and his wife recently had a baby, and he supports an extended family of 12.  “Because of the lockdown, I can’t earn any money.  We were facing starvation.  But suddenly you brought us food!  Now we can survive for at least one month!”
Please pray that your worldwide family will get the resources they need.  Go to to read the latest news, and find out how you can support persecuted believers impacted by the crisis.
*Names changed for security reasons

Deborah Mathews, 06/05/2020